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LANDO GmbH International Forwarding and Transportation Advisory Company was established in 1997. The founding members already had 12 years experience in transportation business: mainly to and from East and Southeast Europe.

Lando quickly developed and strengthened its own infrastructure towards the above-named business destination.




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We are locally at your disposal with our own associated companies and local partners and keep in touch with your customers and suppliers upon request. Our staff members in Essen speak the language of the respective countries where your business partners are situated.

The infrastructure of Lando group enables you to receive comprehensive solutions while we remain flexible enough to accomodate ourselves to your changing requirements and attributes. The East and Southeast Europian markets have given us to a lot of experience in this field.

Our customers, often engaged in the chemical industry testify that our procedure maintains a constantly high safety and quality standard.

Our quality certificate as well as our SQAS Attestation are evidence of these high requirements, the satisfaction of our customers is our greatest challenge. Our forwarding insurer certifies that the claim rates of Lando have been permanently low over the years.


Together Across Europe

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You will find in the following presentation of the Lando GmbH network in the centre of different systems. Being a service provider, it has always been our primary goal to optimize your transportation and logistic tasks. The solution we have for you stems from our culminated potentials.



 Lando Group

A lean management takes care of providing seamless transportation services with our comprehensive infrastructure.


- Warehouse logistic

- Groupage

- Partial shipments

- Full consignments

- Express and courier services

- Transportation of heavy loads and equipment

- Supply Chain


Hammer Group

stockhouse4The family-owned enterprise Hammer, Aachen which acts fast, flexible and straightforward, establishes our connection to the Hammer Group.

With about 300 trucks, 400 employees and a warehousing and loading area of 50.000 m2 in Aachen alone, the Hammer Group fulfils easily the daily changing requirements in logistics and transportation.

Owing to the different specialists within the group, the Hammer is able to meet the customers' requirements, strive for diversity and focus its attention on the markets and quality. The headquarter in Aachen serves as a hub between the North, South and West Eurpoe as well as East and Southeast Europe through Lando.

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